O. Dellamore
O. Dellamore

Obituary of O. Yvonne Dellamore

O. Yvonne Dellamore, age 96, of Mtn Home, passed away at her home wtih Terry and Brett by her side.  Services will be held Saturday, November 27, 2021 at the LDS Church located at 1150 N. 8th East in Mtn Home.  A viewing will be held at 10AM and funeral will begin at 11AM.

Olive Yvonne Dellamore was born to Lee Albert Jones and Zina Berniece Stringham on a lovely Sunday morning August 30, 1925, in a little white house on 16th Street in Idaho Falls, Idaho. She was delivered by her Grandmother Olive Ann Johnson Stringham (a licensed midwife) and named after her as well. Although Grandma admired her Grandma Stringham, anybody who knew her well knew she ALWAYS preferred Yvonne over Olive.10 days later the family moved to Shelley, Idaho, then 4 years later to Lewisville, Idaho. There she grew up on a farm with her older brothers, Terry Lee and Ladell, her younger sisters, Pauline and Aladene, and her baby brother, Richard. When describing her childhood Grandma wrote, “we did dishes, we babysat, we cleaned house, we fed chickens, and we got the same salary NONE. But, we did get all the food we want, were warm and fed, and loved. I think I was well-paid.” Her life on the farm was filled with hard work, fun, and love. Outside of home, she spent time at relatives, school, and church. She especially loved her mother, her father, her dear siblings, her cats, and spending time in nature. Grandma related, “[A favorite spring memory is] going for walks and seeing all the spring flowers. If there still was snow with little patches of green where the sun had melted the snow off, [it] made for good places to play house. I always had my special babies with a baby blanket mother gave me. The sunshine patch of green made it a heavenly place.”

After she graduated from Rigby High School in 1943, Grandma shared about her plans, “I’m like most others. I didn’t have any plans. I kept busy babysitting and helping at home. Then I went to Clearfield [Utah] where I got a job at Hill Field and when my job played out someone said we could get jobs at the telephone office in Ogden. I worked two years, then met Emil.” She would later call Emil “her biggest and best catch. “September 14, 1947, Emil and Yvonne married. Together they made their home in Mountain Home, Idaho. A couple of years later, their family grew starting with Melanie, followed by LeeAnn, and then finally Brett. Years later they would also welcome Jeff and Julene into their home. These years were filled with cooking, cleaning, and caring. She devoted time to her home, family, faith, and community. When asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, Grandma told us “a nurse. My hopes were dashed when I tried ... I didn’t prepare. Oh well, I have the best job now! A Mother and a Grandmother. I can be all things — nurse, cook, cleaning lady, gardener, teacher, wood worker, sewing lady, pattern maker, and best of all ME!!!” Yvonne’s generous spirit created a home where all visitors felt welcome and loved. If you ever left hungry, it was your fault. As her children grew and began their own families, she kept busy volunteering and taking care of everyone around her. In addition to countless hours in family and church service, one of her greatest adventures was in the High Reacher’s, a program for adults with special needs, where she devoted much effort teaching, loving, and helping others. Another of Grandma’s services included volunteering at the Mountain Home Visitors Center greeting and guiding visitors to her community. After the death of Emil in 1994, Yvonne decided to build a backyard pool. For over two decades she has shared that pool with many other swimmers even organizing classes all while getting herself up early each morning for a daily swim. During all these years, Grandma has also constantly baked, shared, and delivered food to others whether it be a delicious cherry pie through the police station security window or an April Fool’s Day chocolate covered cotton-ball to the guys at the shop. You knew you were loved, when she shared her latest creation with you! A faithful member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints her entire life, Yvonne served in many callings always giving her all and especially enjoying working with young children in Primary. Over the years she would first attend regularly with her parents and siblings, then with her own children, and finally by herself. She also very much enjoyed attending the temple with friends and family. At one point, she really liked working on family history and even went on a trip to Europe to do more. When she ended up spending most of the trip in the hospital with a blood clot, she related that even though she didn’t find any new ancestors, she was grateful to NOT have joined them in the hereafter. Though these last years have been challenging, with Grandma facing many health issues and a body simply slowing down, she has continued to cheer those around her with her sweet sense of humor and her love of doing for others. Oddly what a blessing it was to have nearly lost her spring of 2020, so that, so many could come together to celebrate her life with her. Special thanks to her daughter-in-spirit, Brett’s dear partner Terry, for her innumerable hours caring for and watching over Grandma that made it possible for Grandma to be in her own home surrounded by loving pets, family, and hosting numerous visitors despite crazy world conditions until the very end. On Sunday, November 21st, 2021, Yvonne Dellamore died peacefully in her sleep moving on to be together once again with her dear loved ones beyond. Through her nine decades of life, it has truly been her indomitable cheery spirit that has made her a light to all who knew her. A child of the Great Depression, she was grateful for that all that was given and gave away much more. She will be missed deeply, but her memory will live on in the many lives she touched and changed for the better as a daughter, sister, wife, mother, aunt, grandmother, great grandmother, great great grandmother, friend, and more! We love you Yvonne!


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